Cranberry PACs and D-Mannose: Is it okay to combine them?

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What’s worse than a urinary tract infection? One that keeps coming back again and again (and again). Taking a preventative approach can help end the painful UTI cycle. And if you want to prevent UTIs naturally, there are two plant-powered options that top the rest: cranberry PACs and D-mannose. 

Both solutions are proven to prevent frequent UTIs and soothe frustrating symptoms. But according to a 3rd party research test, taking PACs and D-mannose at the same time can actually be less effective than taking PACs alone. 

So what’s the best way to incorporate these powerful supplements into your UTI prevention plan? Keep reading to find out. 

What are cranberry PACs and how do they work?

PACs — also known as proanthocyanidins — are the active molecules found in cranberries. They have strong anti-adhesion properties, which means they stop harmful bacteria from sticking to your bladder and causing infection. 

We can already see you reaching for that bottle of cranberry juice cocktail. Hold up — it’s not that simple. 

For PACs to be truly effective, you’ll need a daily dose of about 36 mg, which is almost not practical to get from simply eating or drinking cranberries. In fact, most cranberry supplements don’t even provide that high a dosage. 

Utiva Cranberry PACs is the exception to the rule. This supplement has 9 times more PACs than most cranberry supplements. That means 36 mg of bacteria-fighting PACs in every single pill. It’s also doctor recommended and clinically proven to prevent UTIs by flushing a wide range of bacteria out of your system. 

What is D-mannose and how does it work? 

D-what? If your UTI prevention strategy has been solely focused on cranberries (or round after round of antibiotics), this all-natural solution might be brand new to you. 

D-mannose is a type of sugar found in many fruits and berries. It binds to harmful E. coli bacteria in your urinary tract so that it can be flushed out in your pee. And since 80 to 90% of all UTIs are caused by E. coli, D-mannose is definitely a tool you want in your UTI toolbox. 

Enter: Utiva D-mannose. This GMP-certified supplement has no artificial ingredients and a minimal amount of fillers. It’s also 100% natural, which makes it a safe and effective solution for those pesky recurrent UTIs. 

Are PACs and D-mannose more effective when combined? 

Since PACs and D-mannose are so good at preventing UTIs, you’ll often see supplements that combine both ingredients into one pill. These supplements typically have a very low anti-adhesion activity (AAA) score.

What’s that? Stick with us. We’re about to get a bit science-y on you. 

An AAA score measures how effective cranberry PACs are at stopping bacteria from sticking and causing infection. A high AAA score means the PACs are ineffective. A low AAA score means you’re about to say goodbye to your UTIs. 

(Psst. 36mg of PACs always gets a low AAA score, because we have the best quality PACs measured using the scientifically trusted standardized DMAC/A2 method. Just sayin’.)

In a recent Utiva study, we discovered that taking PACs and D-mannose at the same time actually increases the AAA score. The more D-mannose was added to the dosage, the less effective the PACs became at stopping bacteria from attaching to the bladder wall. 

TLDR: PACs and D-mannose are less effective when combined. If you want to kick UTIs to the curb, don’t take your PACs and D-mannose supplements at the same time and try to avoid supplements that lump them together into one pill. 

What’s the most effective way to take my PACs and D-mannose supplements? 

Just because you shouldn’t take PACs and D-mannose at the exact same time, doesn’t mean you should stop taking either one. They’re both incredibly powerful supplements for UTI prevention. And when used correctly, they can work wonders. 

To get the most out of your supplements, take PACs and D-mannose about 2-3 hours apart from each other. This will give each pill time to work its magic, before the next pill comes in to do the same. The less they compete with each other, the better they will be at preventing painful UTIs. 

Stay in the know. 

When it comes to UTI prevention, knowledge is power. Our Utiva blog is constantly updated with information and insights from physicians to help you better understand your UTI journey. You can also grab our free Ultimate UTI Guide eBook for a crash course on all things UTI prevention. 

Ready to take “prevent UTIs” off your to-do list? Click here to grab our 36 mg Utiva Cranberry PACs and Utiva D-Mannose supplements in one handy bundle. 

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