Frequently Asked Questions about Ordering, Shipping and Subscriptions

Where can I buy Utiva UTI Dietary Supplement? 

Currently Utiva is available on Amazon and other online retailers. The most economical option is directly online here on our website. 

How long does my order take to deliver when ordering online?

All orders are processed every night and our carriers make every effort to deliver within 2-6 business days. We provide tracking information with all orders so you can continue to monitor your shipment. Please contact us directly if you have any special instructions or if your shipment is past due so we can help you out right away.

What are the benefits of subscriptions?

Subscriptions offer the convenience to receive supplements every 3 months and ensure you never run out. All our subscription customers always have first preference for new material, stock and any events we carry out. There are also additional savings with every subscription order. For subscription orders, please follow this link:  

What is the return policy for the supplement?

Due to the nature of this healthcare supplement, we cannot honor any refunds or returns. For any specific concerns, please contact us directly at

Does Utiva ship globally?

Yes, we have separate charges for international shipping and ship to countries where our products have country approval.

How much does Utiva charge for shipping? Can I rush my order?

All Utiva orders above $50 qualify for free shipping. There is a flat fee of $10 for any orders less than $50.  For any rush deliveries, please contact us directly so we can make arrangements with you personally. Please call us at 1-888-622-3613.

How can I update my order, delivery address once the order is submitted?

For any changes to an existing order, please email us at and/or call us at 1-888-622-3613.