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Utiva UTI Dietary Supplement - 90 Capsule Bottle

Utiva UTI Dietary Supplement - 90 Capsule Bottle

Utiva UTI Dietary Supplement - 90 Capsule Bottle


A healthy urinary tract naturally.
Stop UTIs before they start.

Utiva is a Doctor recommended medical-grade Urinary Tract Health dietary supplement. Just one capsule a day to combat recurrent UTIs.

Compared with regular cranberry pills for UTIs, each Utiva capsule contains 36 mg of PACs at 15% concentration - one of the highest in the market, and the clinically proven amount necessary to be effective at avoiding UTIs.

Break the UTI-antibiotic cycle.

Antibiotics are one of the most effective ways for UTI treatment, however, repeated antibiotic use can lead to side effects and antibiotic resistance. Utiva is a 100% all-natural, doctor recommended Urinary Tract Health dietary supplement.

Take back control!

“Utiva is a better way to improve urinary tract health.”

Doctor recommended, clinically proven to work, FDA compliant and Health Canada Approved. Canadian-made Utiva Urinary Tract Health dietary supplements are medical-grade, natural, safe, and antibiotic-free.

Take back control

  • Each one-a-day capsule is packed full of 36mg of bioactive PACs at concentrated strength - the exact dosage proven to fight off UTI-causing bacteria, and flush it out of your system.
  • Also promotes gut and heart health.

Reclaim Your Life - Live UTI Free

"Very impressed with this product. In the previous year, I had 13 UTIs, was taking a cranberry supplement and had been on countless prescribed meds. I started Utiva the day I received it and things have turned around. I am delighted with this product."
Carol, USA

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      Canada Canada
      I recommend this product
      Utiva has Given Me My Life Back

      It is such a pleasure to feel so much better and also be antibiotic-free. My gynecologist recommended your product over 10 months ago and I've been feeling so great! I only wish that every family physician and urgent care clinics are aware of the possibilities in relieving women of their UTI's. Utiva has given me my worry-free and UTI-free life back.

      Canada Canada
      I recommend this product
      Fabulous and Dependent

      Yahoo - no UTIs since using Utiva and the periodic promotional savings are great especially in this time of COVID19

      United States United States
      I recommend this product
      Utiva is a Miracle

      Utiva has helped my UTIs really not come back. I did not think anything would work. I was getting them every other month and that has stopped since I have started taking Utiva. I highly recommend taking this!

      Linda S.
      Canada Canada
      I recommend this product
      Fantastic Product

      I have been using Utiva for almost a year, fantastic product! I went from once a month on antibiotics to virtually none. I have told the local health food store about Utiva and would recommended it to anyone experiencing utis frequently.

      Canada Canada
      I recommend this product
      Thank you Utiva!

      Thank you for making this product, I have been UTI free for almost 1.5 years. I really like the fact that you changed your 30 capsule blister packs to a small bottle. It is less waste and the cute small bottle is perfect for when I travel, fits easy in my purse.