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urinary tract health.
Simple, natural & backed by science to combat UTIs once and for all. Break up with antibiotics.

You’ve tried it all but it still comes back.

We’re here to fight UTIs naturally and effectively.

100% Natural
Clinically Proven
Doctor Recommended
✔ Our secret weapon:
36mg PACs

✔ Highest quality, most effective

✔ One a day

✔ Vegan & Gluten Free
Break up with antibiotics

Health-caring for everyone. We know that UTIs don’t discriminate.

"Utiva is fantastic. I haven’t had a UTI since beginning Utiva."

"With Utiva in my arsenal, after a long battle, I am finally relieved of UTIs and taking well as the constant dark cloud of worry that hung over me. Thanks to Utiva, I have my life back."
- Robin

"This product changed my life I have not gotten a UTI since!"

Meet the founders

We have seen first hand the impact that UTIs can have on individuals and families.

UTIs can be so painful and disruptive. This prompted us to work with top urologists and urogynecologists to create UTIVA. 

Our philosophy centers around giving you the best health caring experience.  Meet the team on a mission to solve UTIs once and for all.

Medical Team

Dr. Colleen McDermott, MD FRCSC, Urogynecologist
Dr. Dana Rice, MD FACS, Urologist
Dr. Lesley Carr, MD FRCSC, Urologist
Dr. Michael Chang, MD FRCSC, Urologist

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Our goal is to ensure that you get the best experience at Utiva. Visit our support group and resource center to help you on your UTI journey. You are not alone!

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