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I started taking Utiva because I was experiencing bladder issues as I went into menopause. Since taking it daily, I no longer worry, overall I feel like my bladder health has improved a lot. I highly recommend women in peri menopause and menopause take 1 capsule of Utiva daily to help maintain a healthy bladder.” - Andrea Donsky

Ever since I started taking Utiva my bladder has been healthy. I am so thankful for this product, and I am definitely going to stay on it for the rest of my life.” - Alaina Mills

This is the best cranberry supplement I’ve used! I love that the company is very approachable. If you need information or help with the product. If you have suffered like I have you’ve gotta try Utiva!” - Jeff Edelist

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Trusted and recommended by over
10,000 doctors

There is an active molecule in cranberries called proanthocyanidins (PACs). According to clinical studies you need 36 mg PACs to help manage urinary tract health. Utiva is the only brand that has the right dose of cranberry PACs.

Dr. Carolyn Best | MD OBGYN, Urogynecologist

Dr. Carolyn Best | MD OBGYN, Urogynecologist

Through my clinical research on patients suffering with bladder concerns. I believe the proprietary blend of cranberry in Utiva Bladder Health is safe and helps with normal urinary function.

Dr. Bilal Chughtai | MD FRCSC, Urologist

Dr. Bilal Chughtai | MD FRCSC, Urologist

Managing urinary tract health can be hard. Antibiotics are the first line treatment, but there are clinically proven options to help manage urinary tract health. When considering cranberry supplements, I recommend my patients select a product with 36 mg of PACs.

Dr. Colleen McDermott | MD FRCSC, Urogynecologist

Dr. Colleen McDermott | MD FRCSC, Urogynecologist

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