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"Natural products, like cranberries, can aid in reducing the number of UTI recurrences. Not all cranberry products are the same and attention should be given to those with the right amount of the active ingredient from the cranberry (Proanthocyanidins). These are still not a cure but have some evidence to show a reduction in UTIs and can help minimize the need for prophylactic antibiotic usage."


"I have experienced Chronic UTIs since my cancer treatment ended and have tried every product under the sun and drank so much pure cranberry juice, it gave me a sour tummy. I came across this product a few months ago after having a UTI every three weeks and decided to give Szio+ a try. I love how easy it is - take one pill same time everyday for 24 hrs protection. It’s easy! It also works unbelievably. I’ve made it 6 weeks without having a UTI. Today at Sunnybrook Hospital my urologist also told me about Szio+. I had to laugh as I’m already on it. I want to thank Szio+ for creating a product that actually works. I would highly recommend this product."


"A natural way to take control of your UTI symptoms and effectively prevent urinary tract infections."


”I was recommended this product by my specialist because it had the 36 mg PAC concentration. It’s been working well and I’ve been UTI-free for the past few months! I highly recommend it.”


"My mother has been using the urinary tract health supplement for a few months now and it has done wonders for her as she no longer feels discomfort when peeing and hasn’t had to use any antibiotics for a UTI in a while. She is extremely happy with her bladder function which makes me happy as well. Thank you for coming up with a great product!"


I have suffered with UTI’s for over 20 years and especially over past 5 became chronic and lived on antibiotics. I am a type 1 diabetic so prone to UTI’s. I had tried very many other products and supplements. My very respected Dr at Sunnybrook personally called me when she became aware of SZIO and recommended to me. I have been using faithfully every day now for over 6 months and still clear for the first time in a very long time. Thanks making this excellent product available.


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Stop UTIs before they start with our Utiva Starter Kit

with the Utiva dietary supplement. Doctor recommended as a natural option to reduce the need for antibiotics.

UTI-Free Patient Testimonial

See how Utiva changed a patient's life and how it could impact yours as well! 

Utiva natural prevention can work to help diminish your need for antibiotics!

Medical grade, natural, safe, antibiotic-free

Clinically Proven to Work

Utiva one a day contains 36 mgs of Proanthocyanins (PACs) extracted from cranberries, proven as an effective prevention against UTIs

Doctor Recommended

Urologists and medical doctors are recommending Utiva as protection against recurring UTIs to maintain a healthy urinary system

Reduces Antibiotic Resistance

PACs, which are barely present in other supplements, are extracted using Utiva’s proprietary process and effectively reduce your number of UTIs

Contains Exact Dosage PACs

Each Utiva capsule contains the required 36mgs of PACs, the exact dosage and concentrated strength of this powerful bioactive ingredient necessary to fight bacteria and prevent infections

Convenient One-A-Day Health

Like a daily vitamin, Utiva capsules are packed with antioxidants, blocking harmful bacteria and promoting urinary, gut and heart health

Suspect - Detect - Correct with Utiva Test Strips

Feeling the first signs of a urinary tract infection?
Utiva is your home-based rapid urine test to self-check for UTIs.

Convenient - check symptoms for early detection at home
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"I recommend 36mg of PACs"

"Managing recurrent urinary tract infections can be complex. Antibiotics are the first line treatment but there are clinically proven options the can help prevent recurrences. When considering cranberry supplements, I recommend my patients to select a product that contains 36mg of Proanthocyanidins(PACs). The evidence supports PACs as being the active molecule of the cranberry which prevents bacterial adherence to the bladder wall thus helping to reduce recurrent UTIs." 
Dr Colleen McDermott, Urogynecologist
Mount Sinai Hospital

"What a relief!"

"I am very pleased that the Utiva product has contributed to being UTI free for over 18 months. After living on an antibiotic for more than a year before my Urologist recommended Utiva I can truly say that I am over top with happiness for my health."
Christine, FL

Take Back Control of Your Life!

Over 60% of women suffer from urinary tract infections (UTIs). For many, it’s a recurring problem that affects quality of life. With growing resistance to antibiotics, treating UTIs can be more challenging than ever.

That’s why many medical professionals are now recommending a daily dosage of Utiva. Utiva helps to reduce the growing resistance of antibiotics by preventing UTIs before they begin.

Each capsule contains 36mgs of PACs, the exact dosage necessary to maintain a healthy bladder environment.  Locally made, Utiva contains the necessary concentrated strength to protect against bacteria that causes UTI.

The best way to fight UTIs is to prevent them!

PACs work to block UTI causing bacteria such as E-coli, the most common-causing bug, from attaching to your bladder wall. The 36mgs of concentrated PACs have been proven to be effective even against harder to treat multi-drug resistant ‘super’ E.Coli, as well as other bacteria.

The bioactive PACs then flush these now free-floating bacteria out of your system. This strengthens your urinary system and helps stop another UTI from developing.

Enjoy Life UTI-Free

Natural, safe and drug free – Utiva is THE non-antibiotic alternative for the management of recurrent urinary tract infections. One-a-day, easy to absorb Utiva capsules reduce the need for antibiotics by acting as a shield to protect against UTI causing bacteria from attaching to your bladder wall.


Start your journey to better health today

Urinary tract infections affect people at any age. UTIs can be triggered by many variables, including lifestyle behaviours, physiological changes and medical conditions. The daily dosage of bacteria fighting PACs in Utiva Urinary Tract Health Dietary Supplement is a natural, safe, drug free, proven way to protect against chronic and recurring UTIs. Start your journey better health today.