Our mission is to be your partner in urinary tract health.

Simple, natural and backed by science to combat UTIs once and for all.

Made with the belief that everyone deserves the best care, we’re committed to walk with you on your health journey. We’ll arm you with the tools,  education and products you need to be prepared to have a UTI free life.

Utiva is a brand created by Szio+ Inc, a company focused on bringing clinically proven supplements to empower a healthier you.

Meet Derek & Faraz, co-founders of Utiva.

Our vision is to enable consumers to self-test and self-manage a UTI in the comfort of their homes. Early-detection through rapid tests and offering natural options that are clinically proven to maintain a healthy urinary tract and help you live your life.

UTIs hit close to home in a real way.  Our determination roots from personal exposure with our families that continue to inspire us every day. Here are our stories...

Derek’s story

A few years ago, I was woken up by my phone in the middle of the night. Before my wife left on a trip, a doctor had prescribed her antibiotics to treat a UTI but little did we know that she was resistant to that antibiotic. The infection ended up traveling to her kidneys and she was now hospitalized on her trip. Here I was, on the other side of the world unable to help her.

Faraz’s Story

I still remember when my dad shared the difficult news that my grandma had passed away.  In her health she had neglected the symptoms of a Urinary Tract Infection thinking it was something you live with after menopause. This taboo subject, inconvenient access to care and her own ignorance lead her to keep suffering privately. As a result, she had lost one of her kidneys and had severe complications since.

Our goal is to ensure that every single customer gets the best support, education and care at Utiva. Whether it’s through our products, community or tools, we hope you find something to help you on your UTI journey. You are not alone!

Utiva medical team

These are some of the specialists that have been involved in the development of Utiva’s products and services to ensure we provide the highest quality of care to help you along your journey to be UTI-free.

Dr. Colleen McDermott, MD FRCSC, Urogynecologist
Dr. Dana Rice, MD FACS, Urologist
Dr. Lesley Carr, MD FRCSC, Urologist
Michael Chang, MD FRCSC, Urologist

"I recommend 36mg of PACs"

"Managing recurrent urinary tract infections can be complex. Antibiotics are the first line treatment but there are clinically proven options the can help manage recurrences. When considering cranberry supplements, I recommend my patients to select a product that contains 36mg of Proanthocyanidins (PACs). The evidence supports PACs as being the active molecule of the cranberry which stops bacterial adherence to the bladder wall thus helping to reduce recurrent UTIs."

Dr Colleen McDermott, Urogynecologist, Mount Sinai Hospital

Giving Back to Those Who Need

As part of our advocacy for better health, Szio+ donates a portion of proceeds to a group of charitable organizations, that includes CARE, Bright Pink, Saving Mothers and Canadian Women's Foundation which promote education and awareness about reproductive and sexual health, as well as preventable diseases in both adults and children.

We also give back by donating UTI diagnosis Test strips to developing countries with limited access to healthcare.

Join the Utiva Support Community.

This is a safe space for those who have experienced UTIs or are looking for better urinary health and may have sensitive questions or topics they would like to discuss. It's a place where you can feel comfortable asking those tough questions or share any stories and celebrate your WINS!

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