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Our Mission is to be your
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Utiva was built on the belief that everyone deserves the best urinary tract health. Our vision is to provide the best-in-class natural solutions and support systems for urinary tract, bladder, and prostate health. Utiva is committed to educating and raising awareness on urinary tract health and empowering a healthy you.

Meet Faraz & Derek,
co-founders of Utiva

UTIs hit close to home in a real way. Our determination roots from
personal exposure with our families and the stories we hear everyday
from our customers.

Our Stories


I still remember hearing the difficult news that my grandma passed away at the young age of 51. With UTIs being a taboo subject, inconvenient access to care and her own ignorance, she neglected her UTI symptoms. As a result, she lost one of her kidneys and had severe complications since.


I was on the other side of the world while my wife was hospitalized. Before she left for her trip, she was prescribed antibiotics to treat a UTI. Little did we know, she was resistant to that antibiotic and the infection ended up traveling to her kidneys - all while I was unable to be there and help her.

Utiva Medical
Advisory Team

Utiva is a brand built by a team who have strong desire to educate and help patients achieve success with chronic genitourinary problem. They offer so much more than high quality supplements. They are offering the opportunity to educate and further the conversation on urinary health strategies.

Dr. Dana Rice, MD FACS, Urologist

Urinary tract health can be complex and there are many natural options. When considering cranberry supplements, I recommend my patients select a product that contains 36mg of PACs measured by DMAC/A2.

Dr. Colleen McDermott, MD FRCSC, Urogynecologist

Lately, through virtual encounters, I have been recommending to all patients to use Utiva Cranberry PACs to minimize the need for ER visit, particularly during this COVID-19 pandemic crisis.

Michael Chang, MD FRCSC, Urologist

Natural products, like cranberries, can aid in natural flushing and the improvement of urinary tract health. Not all cranberry products are the same and attention should be given to those with the right amount of the active ingredient from the cranberry (Proanthocyanidins). These are still not a cure but have shown improvement in patient quality of life!

Dr. Lesley Carr, MD FRCSC, Urologist

Giving Back

As part of our advocacy for better health, Szio+ donates a portion of proceeds to a group of charitable organizations, including Saving Mothers and Essentials First.

These organizations promote education and awareness about reproductive and sexual health, as well as preventable diseases in both adults and children through access to hygienic products.

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This is a safe space for those who have had chronic conditions, are looking for better urinary tract and bladder health, and may have sensitive questions or topics they would like to discuss. It's a place where you can feel comfortable asking those tough questions or share any stories and celebrate your WINS!