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Utiva, by Szio+, UTI Prevention Products

Szio + was founded in 2017 by Derek Oh and Faraz Nomani, veterans of the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries with more than 30 years combined experience working to better the health of all Canadians.

The Szio+ Mission:  

  • To help those suffering from frequent and chronic urinary tract infections regain quality of life.  
  • To ensure customers receive the highest quality of safe and effective healthcare options. 
  • To develop best products and practices based on Szio+’s highly esteemed medical and scientific advisory board reviews of new clinical findings and innovations in health care treatments. 
  • Following rigorous research and development, to bring to market an entirely safe, antibiotic free, medical-grade proven prevention solution that addresses the growing problem and severity of chronic UTIs.

Fueling the partner’s mission was the motivation to find a solution for the women in their own lives who were struggling with the pain, worry, exhaustion and frustration caused by urinary tract infections.

Every year, UTIs account for more than 10 million doctor visits in North America, and take an incalculable toll on the day-to-day lives of women and men who suffer these painful, disruptive infections.

Szio+ is proud to be the manufacturers of a Canadian-made solution that meets 2019 American Urologist Association guidelines:

  • Utiva UTI Prevention Supplements with PACS, and Utiva Test Strips offer the best possible protection by helping to stop UTIs before they happen.
  • Made with 100% local sourced cranberries, Utiva UTI Supplements are Health Canada & FDA approved as a natural health product.
  • Utiva UTI Test Strips are Health Canada & FDA approved as a medical device.

These are the stories that inspired Utiva

Derek’s story

A few years ago, I was woken up by my phone in the middle of the night. Seeing my wife calling while away on her trip to Asia, I knew there was probably something wrong. Before she left on the trip, a doctor had prescribed antibiotics for her to treat a UTI but little did we know that she was resistant to that antibiotic and now the UTI had progressed and was now hospitalized on her trip. The infection had spread and was likely in her kidneys.
I could sense the pain, the distress, and frustration in her voice as she shared her symptoms and experience navigating a foreign country’s hospital system. Symptoms that kicked in extremely fast included high fever, sweating, and unbearable pain to the point of almost not being able to walk. And here I was, on the other side of the world unable to help her. Once being able to communicate with the hospital staff, she spent the better part of 8 hours trying to explain her symptoms and starting treatment on IV antibiotics.
Needless to say, that’s when we both agreed we had to find a real, practical solution to prevent those pesky recurring UTIs, especially when travelling for her. A key point was to not need antibiotics on a daily basis as well.

Faraz’s story

I had got home from a two-week scout trip and was longing to see my mother and siblings; after searching all over the house I finally saw the distressed look on my dad’s face struggling to share the difficult news that my grandma had passed away at the young age of 51 years.  My mom along with my siblings had flown back home to India with the agony that she was not close to her mom in her final moments.
It was later we found out that my grandma had neglected the symptoms of a Urinary Tract Infection, similar to most women in India, inconvenient access to care and her own neglect lead her to keep suffering privately. Unfortunately it is suspected that in her case this ended up causing severe kidney and liver damage.  Worst was she cared so deeply about us that she avoided getting us all worried about her health.
This had an enormous impact on our family as my mom was now without both her parents and all we could cherish were the memories and dreams she had for us. I always remembered how my grandma would tell me to enter medicine (as most Indians do) but her motivation was altruistic and to be in a position to help reduce the suffering people had and to earn the community’s respect.
As Derek and I were both sharing our stories, we had decided to put our years of healthcare experience, understanding of science and privilege of knowing many key specialists in this area towards helping anyone with a possible UTI.  Our vision is to enable consumers to self-test and self-manage a UTI in the comfort of their homes. Early-detection through rapid tests and offering natural options that are clinically proven to keep a UTI away and help them enjoy their life. This personal drive and vision is what lead to the creation of Utiva.

Sadly, both experiences are not uncommon.

More than 60% of women will experience a UTI at least once in their lifetime, and many suffer from UTIs every few months.

  • Urinary tract infections are on the rise, affecting people of all ages, while resistance to antibiotics is growing as well.
  • As many as 8 in 100 girls and 2 in 100 of boys will get UTIs, with young children at risk of kidney damage linked to the infections.
  • Pregnant women are at increased risk of UTIs starting in week 6 through week 24. Males are less prone, but that also increases with age.
  • UTIs are one of the most common infections in seniors who often experience severe debilitating symptoms.

At Szio+ we do not believe that because UTIs are so prevalent among the population, they must be accepted as an inevitable reality for many people, albeit one that is extremely painful and disruptive to quality of life. Instead, we are entirely committed to fighting the occurrence of UTIs.

Utiva Urinary Tract Health Dietary Supplement and Utiva UTI Test strips are the first line of defense.

Clinically proven to work, natural, safe and antibiotic-free, Utiva is an effective and very welcomed alternative to UTI suffers everywhere. 

As part of our advocacy for better health, Szio+ donates a portion of proceeds to a group of charitable organizations, that includes CARE and Saving Mothers, which promote education and awareness about reproductive and sexual health, as well as preventable diseases in both adults and children.