Sex & UTIs

Sex & UTIs

One of the common reasons why UTI’s are triggered is because of sex.  However not to worry, UTI’s are not contagious and you do not need to stop having sex as UTI’s can be prevented.  Generally, the anatomy and the possible contact of bacteria to the urinary tract can sometimes cause a UTI.

UTI’s have been nicknamed “honeymoon cystitis” – cystitis is another name for a bladder infection, as frequent intercourse could lead to a UTI.  It is good to be proactive and take care of the prevention tips if you are prone to UTIs.

Some general tips to prevent UTI’s associated with sex:

  • Clear your bladder (if possible) by urinating before and/or after sex
  • Clean your genital areas before sex
  • Stay hydrated as much as possible throughout the day
  • Don’t use any spermicides during intimacy
  • Double your dose of cranberry supplements for a couple of days around sex.

    If you do notice any symptoms, you can use Utiva UTI Test Strips to quickly check in the comfort of your home.  If there is a sign for a UTI, please immediately consult your physician.

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