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August 06, 2020 2 min read

Summer time tips!

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Summer is the last time of year when you want to be dealing with a UTI, and yet it’s one of the most common times to experience one. Why are these months so troubling?



It’s normal to get hot and sweaty during the summer months, but unfortunately heat and moisture create a favourable environment for bacteria to grow. This bacteria can lead to a UTI. 


It’s hot outside, and all you want to do is jump in a cold body of water. Unfortunately, swimming results in more moisture down there, which, as we mentioned before, promotes bacterial growth. Pools are especially harmful when it comes to UTIs. That’s because this water may be filled with bacteria, which will only grow if you don’t shower afterward or continue to wear that wet bathing suit. 



With temperatures rising, not staying hydrated can increase your chances of a UTI. 


Sexual activity

It’s no surprise that more sexual activity occurs in the summer months. The more sex, the more UTIs. That’s because bacteria is more likely to get into the urinary tract while doing the deed. 


Tips & tricks to prevent summer infections: 


Change out of that wet swimsuit ASAP!

Heat and moisture create a favourable environment for bacteria to grow. Instead of staying in your wet swimsuit hours after swimming, change out of it into a fresh pair of dry cotton underwear. Because cotton is a natural fabric, it allows air to circulate which dissipates heat and wicks away moisture. 

Stay cool down there

It’s normal to frequently get hot and sweaty in your nether regions during the summer, but don’t let UTIs happen just as often. Change out of wet underwear and into clean, dry pairs as needed to keep UTIs at bay.


Stay hydrated

The more water you drink, the more often you urinate. That means your urinary tract is continuously being flushed of potentially harmful bacteria that could cause an infection. 

Take advantage of summer dresses, skirts and loose fitting shorts

Tight, restrictive clothing around our nether regions can promote heat and moisture, which, in turn, may lead to bacterial growth and UTIs. That’s why summer dresses, skirts and loose fitting shorts are wonderful alternatives to tight pants. These items of clothing allow your “down there” to breathe, which is everything when preventing a UTI. And, as we said before, always wear cotton underwear under these garments. 

Urinate after sex

It’s okay to have fun during the summer months. Just make sure to pee after doing the deed. This may help lower your risk of developing a UTI, as it flushes out bacteria that may have gotten into the urinary tract during sex.


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