To help prevent bacteria from sticking naturally, 36mg of cranberry PACs are clinically proven to be effective.

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Cranberry Pills1



Glasses of Cranberry Juice2




“Utiva is a better way to maintain a healthy urinary tract.”

Doctor recommended, 100% natural & FDA compliant

1. 500mg high dose cranberry capsules typically have less than 1% PACs (<5mg)2. One 8oz glass of cranberry juice has <9mg PACs and >30g of sugar3. 240mg of cranberry with 15% PAC concentration = 36mg PACs

Doctor Recommended

Clinically Proven to Work

Vegan & Gluten Free

36mg PACs by DMAC:
Proven dose

Causes of UTIs

A UTI (urinary tract infection) is caused by bacteria in your urinary system which invades and sticks to the lining of your bladder. The typical treatment and even prevention for UTIs are antibiotics, but chronic antibiotic usage can be harmful to your body. All-natural urinary tract maintenance does exist in cranberries – with PACs – the cranberry’s active molecule.


doctor visits each year are for UTI-related issues

- National Kidney Foundation

of women will experience symptomatic acute UTIs in their lifetime

- American Urological Association

of these are likely to experience an additional episode

- American Urological Association

How one Utiva a day can help stop bacteria from sticking

Inside cranberries are Proanthocyanidins (PACs), the molecule proven to inhibit bacteria from sticking to the bladder.

Utiva is a doctor recommended, all-natural, UTI supplement that contains 36 mg of PACs at 15% concentration - one of the highest in the market, and the medically proven amount necessary to be effective. Utiva uses the standard scientific method DMAC/A2 to measure PACs and ensure the highest quality. Extracted from 100% whole, fresh, and local cranberries, just one pill a day can help stop bacteria from sticking without antibiotics.


Amazing Product

I have had chronic Uti's for years, to the point most antibiotics don't help.
Tried many things to help prevent them from recurring with no success...until this product. I am about to finish my first 90-day supply and I'm happy to say I haven't had a UTI since starting this!!

- Teresa Powell


UTIs gone!!

I am very pleased that the Utiva product has contributed to being UTI free for over 18 months. After living on an antibiotic for more than a year before my Urologist recommended Utiva I can truly say that I am over top with happiness for my health.

- Constance Wight


Works great for Me!

I was getting UTI’s every couple weeks. Haven’t had one in four months since I started Utiva. It’s working for me!


Gave me my life back.

I never write reviews, but here it is. I saw a specialist and she recommended UTIVA back in February. I use it along with D-mannose and a probiotic. I haven’t had a UTI since. THANK YOU for making this product and helping women in a way that isn’t detrimental to their bodies (constant antibiotics). Thank you for giving me my life back. I have recommended this to all the women in my life who are suffering like I did. I hope it helps you like it helped me!

- Basia

No More Antibiotics!

Antibiotics are needed to kill bacteria when there’s an infection. With no infection, there’s no need!

Once A Day Natural Urinary Tract Health!

Utiva provides 36mg of cranberry PACs which stop bacteria from sticking to your urinary tact resulting in fewer infections.

Utiva Starter Kit

Don’t spend another minute in pain. Avoid antibiotic use by stopping bacteria from sticking, start your UTI-free journey naturally with the Utiva Starter Kit.

1x 30 capsule bottle of Utiva Urinary Tract Health Dietary Supplement
1x box of UTI Test Strips
1x copy of the Utiva UTI Guide eBook

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One capsule a day | Recommended by doctors across the country

Amazing Product!

It's been great since I started using this product. No UTIs and taking a supplement once a day is so easy!

Ontario, Canada

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