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Cranberry PACs Supplement - Utiva USA

Cranberry PACs Supplement

Our most powerful all natural answer to help manage urinary tract health.

D-Mannose Supplement - Utiva USA

D-Mannose Supplement

An effective way to help manage urinary tract health.

Bladder Health Supplement - Utiva USA

Bladder Health Supplement

An all-natural solution to help support normal urine flow.

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36PAC Power Bundle - Utiva USA

36PAC Power Bundle

Bundle our essential Cranberry PACs and Probiotic for urinary tract and gut health.

36PAC & D-Mannose Bundle - Utiva USA

36PAC & D-Mannose Bundle

A bundle with the 2 main active ingredients to help manage urinary tract health - Cranberry PACs & D-Mannose.

D-Mannose Power Bundle - Utiva USA

D-Mannose Power Bundle

A great bundle to help improve urinary tract and gut health.

MAX Power Bundle - Utiva USA

MAX Power Bundle

The triple action ultimate urinary tract health bundle including Utiva Cranberry PACs, D-Mannose and Probiotic.

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“I started taking Utiva Bladder Health as I went into menopause”

Since taking it daily, overall I feel like my bladder health has improved a lot. I highly recommend women in peri menopause and menopause take 2 capsules of Utiva Bladder Health daily to live a more stress free life not always looking for a washroom!

Andrea Donsky, RHN

Bladder health due to menopause

“Those of us who suffering know how frustrating it can be”.

I tried to find natural options for urinary tract health. I discovered Utiva in one of my searches and started to look more into this 36 mg PAC formulation. I had taken a bunch of cranberry pills before but none of them helped me as much as Utiva did.


Natural urinary tract health

“My quality of life has never been better”.

I learned of Utiva Cranberry PACs through a friend and am so very relieved to have found it. I take it daily every morning, along with a capsule of D-Mannose at night and, for the first time in years, feel that I have my life back. Whew!!”


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